• Washington St Gardeners

About the Washington Street Garden

Washington Street Garden is a community food project. We re-purposed two abandoned lots in downtown Carbondale (on the corner of Washington and Jackson streets) into an organic fruit, vegetable, and medicinal herb garden. We have fruit trees, fruit and nut bushes, compost systems, rainwater catchment, a small greenhouse and beds for growing vegetables and herbs year round.

The Garden is home to an herbal apothecary plot! The medicine garden is grown through methods of permaculture and provides product for a larger on-going project, the Resilient Bodies Apothecary. Resilient Bodies Apothecary has been providing homegrown and foraged medicinals to the Carbondale area, for free, for over 2 years. We hope that folks will not only learn to grow food but also learn how to grow, and process herbal remedies.

Anyone and everyone is welcome in the Garden. All of the garden plots are tended by everyone collectively, and everyone takes home as much produce as they need. Surplus vegetables are donated to local community members and food initiatives. We also host workshops (submit a workshop today!) for preserving and using produce and herbs. The Garden invites the community to join our planning team, facilitate collective workdays, pitch in on maintenance and infrastructure projects, and be a part of our community.

The Garden is an ever-evolving place where creativity and innovation are not just welcome but required. We hope to be an example for local, urban, organic food production, and an inspiration for other community-based projects in Carbondale and the surrounding area! Join us every Saturday for a robust collective work day starting at 9 am and weekday evenings on Monday and Wednesday from 6-8 pm.

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