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season twenty nineteen

time to reapply a triple-layer of cardboard and woodmucl

The 2019 Season is upon us. If you're like me, you're looking at your calendars, mapping the snow covered ground, calculating transplants and counting the warm days to come. The light lingers slightly longer each day. And thanks to the ecocidal nightmare we're all living in, we'll be swinging from 0*F to 58*F within a matter of days. I know it's awful. My brain, heart, and soul hurts with a staggering, almost mind numbing, anxiety when I really let myself think about climate change. But, hell, 60 in February? Regardless of its undeniably infuriating how-can-this-be-happening-ya'll-had-silent-spring-and-shit cause, I'll be stomping in the mud and preparing for the spring.

And so with the lift of the arctic air by the weekend, you'll probably find a few of us on Washington Street Saturday and Sunday knocking out some late winter transplants and divisions, doing measurements on the greenhouse, and turning the compost. We'll also be laying out triple-layers of cardboard and mulch between the beds which will vastly reduce our need for lawn mowing this (and next) summer. Skip the gym and come grab a shovel! We're also in the process of making our 2019 planting plans, which include 7 beds of high production, heavily rotated veggies and 7 beds open for community proposals; plus perennial and annual culinary herb beds; an expanded medicinal garden; cutting flowers and pollinators; raspberry, blackberry, and jostaberry installations; a new seating area; and a finished greenhouse.

We're holding our third seasonal planning meeting this Sunday at 2pm at Flyover Social Center. We'll be discussing upcoming events including the Seed Swap (2.16) at the Community Farmer's Market, and the 2nd annual Neighborhood Planting Project (late March), both of which will help raise funds for the 2019 planting season. We'll also make a few more final selections in our crop choices for the year, and maybe get to tackle some Greenhouse work on the side. Swing by to help plan and get involved and keep your eyes on our FB page for updates about winter work days!

Spring cleaning soon? Keep us in mind when you're going through your closets and tool sheds. We can always use more cardboard, digging tools, potting mediums, statuaries and garden art, mulch and leaf material, large pots, buckets, pavers, bamboo or metal supports, twine, gloves, and lights! Donations can be delivered to the Flyover (Tool Library hours), or stashed in the greenhouse just inside the garden's northwest entrance. Or email to arrange a pick up!

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