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Summer's Long Goodbye

Let's face it, southern Illinois' summers hold on well into October. But we can hear the intensity increase in the cicadas' song as the summer wanes and autumn waxes. Still, this time of year abundance is everywhere.

The Washington Street Garden is flourishing with green and ripening tomatoes -- big and small. Beans of all varieties are exploding from their pods. The sunflowers and zinnias feed the bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies (including Monarchs on their borderless migration). Jalepeno and Banana peppers are in surplus. Squash is thriving. Corn is ripe. Cucs are-- well-- hanging on. We've just seeded carrots and beets, and will seed more cold crops this Saturday.

It's also beginning to be prime herb and root harvesting time. This year we introduced at least a dozen new perennials into the medicinal garden (some of which you'll really notice next summer). We'll be digging up Marshmallow, Burdock, Dandelion, Echinacea, and more roots to dry or process into medicine from September through October. Be sure to follow Dandelion at Resilient Bodies Apothecary on Instagram to see dozens of recipes for tea, tinctures, and oxymels that'll have you feeling one-hun-dred. We grow many of those herbs in the WSG, as well as at our home gardens, or forage them in the Shawnee Forest. Resilient Bodies Apothecary provides sliding-scale or free medicine to folks in southern Illinois and beyond, and teaches ya how to make your own!

As we roll into fall, WSG has a number of infrastructure projects to tackle, including re-woodchipping the entire garden in October (drop off your cardboard!), finishing the greenhouse, building a shade structure, tree-care, putting our beds to sleep (drop off our raked leaves and small sticks for mulching our beds!), planting garlic, re-habbing weed-filled pollinator beds, and more!

Have a gardening, medicinal, or foraging question? Drop us a line here or on Facebook and be sure to follow us on Facebook for events, workshops, and

Snake gourd among other viney-vines.

Garden Parties! (We heard there's a block party being planned on the Washington St block for late September!)

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